May 10, 2015

Senator Chris Girdler says Comer must Withdraw from the race!

Sen. Chris Girdler of Somerset shares his view of the most recent attempt by the Comer-McDaniel campaign to link Conservative Republican Hal Heiner with Barack Obama! 

"At first I thought it was a hoax or a spoof ad, but unfortunately it is a sad example of a desperate man willing to say and do anything to get elected," said State Sen. Chris Girdler, of Somerset, who is backing Heiner.

He accused Comer of using "embarrassing and hypocritical smoke and mirrors" and called on him to get out of the race instead because he said he is doing damage to the GOP.

"Instead of boarding up the windows and striking the match, Jamie Comer should do the right thing and withdraw before he does further irreparable harm to himself, his family and the Republican Party of Kentucky," Girdler said in a statement.

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